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"VinTrade" – VinTour as link between Winery and Trade


While touring the wine regions of the world, visiting trade fairs and tastings, we constantly discover new fine wines, often hidden gems that have not yet found their way into export, or simply are too rare to be made available abroad.

Thus, we have started to act as "wine scouts" for merchants seeking new extraordinary wines, as well as for wine regions and exciting new wineries, looking for trade contacts.

Our professional wine education and our experience since the start of VinTour in 2006 has made us a welcomed multiplier for wine growers and trade  - a role we do happily play, as it allows us to create synergies and develop great connections to wine regions and producers.

However, we will always remain neutral when it comes to choosing the wineries for our tours - you can be certain that our published tours are not affected by trade companies, but by our taste and experience.