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A traveller's Wine Guide to Germany


A Traveller's Wine Guide to Germany

Anyone looking for delicious food and wine, stunning landscapes and a warm welcome will find Germany's wine country truly delightful. The tremendous diversity of its wines is a revelation to many visitors to Germany. This book offers many tips to the independent traveller on where to enjoy the local cuisine with these delightful wines as well as meeting the winemakers, as it guides visitors on a journey through Germany's thirteen wine regions.

A Traveller's Wine Guide to Germany provides an introduction to German wine, from the vineyards to the cellars, with guidelines on what to expect when sampling it. It also take the wine tourist on a journey through remote areas that are infrequently visited in order to taste the best of German wines.


The British wine journalist Freddy Price is one of the most recognized experts on German wines, and has written important books such as the award-winning "Riesling Renaissance". Together with his wife and fotographer Janet, he has been awarded by the VDP and gourmet magazins for their excellent publications, and even according to colleagues such as Hugh Johnson, hardly any wine expert knows more about the German Riesling vineyards than Freddy Price.

VinTour is very proud and honored to have had the chance to contribute to this book with some bits of updated information and advice, and we are very grateful to have been trusted as a reference in the book for travellers' groups planning their wine tour to Germany!